Like most processes in the culinary field, smoking is both an art and a science. Using the same basic principles and relatively similar techniques, each artisan or producer creates a characteristic style, a signature flavour that sets their products apart as clearly as fine scotches, charcuterie, wines and cheeses from different regions and companies.

At Atkins & frères, our signature products are created by holding to specific procedures that put into practice our promise to ourselves and our customers: to produce and sell smoked fish and seafood of the same exceptional quality as we would serve to our friends and family at home. Now and always, we remain loyal to the same criteria that motivated us when we founded the company. We also stand out by offering a vast range of products and through our distinctly culinary approach. Our goal is for our expertise and savoir-faire to add to the shared pleasures of fine food. The desire to please, to charm and to impress — creating an unpretentious appeal that is nonetheless suited to fantastic meals, extravagant feasts and good times in good company. That's what drives us. We’re devoted to enjoying life and freely admit it!

None of which detracts from our professionalism and high standards, which have earned us kudos for our contribution to the gastronomic culture of Quebec from our peers and colleagues in the fishing, restaurant and food industries. Among other awards, Atkins & frères has been honoured to receive the Mérite national des pêches et de l’aquaculture, the Mérite national de la restauration et de l’alimentation and the Prix Renaud-Cyr.